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Rocky Mountain Laboratories was founded in 1983 as an independent surface chemistry and microanalysis laboratory to serve the needs of industrial, academic, and governmental clients. Our objective – to provide real-world solutions for industries with materials and process development needs – is as fundamental to our organization today as when we began. Over the years we have strived to adapt our services to the specific needs of these clients.

From our complete “Beam Time™” service to the no-frills “Data and Dash™” program, we provide our clients with the results they need, when they need them. We’ve earned our clients’ trust by unfailingly keeping all project information completely confidential. Even if we collaborate with outside resources, we always ensure client anonymity.

While the majority of our clients require a long-term commitment to their projects, we welcome individual projects and give them equal attention. With a large part of of our business coming from repeat clients and their referrals, we feel our first 25 years have been a great success and we are eager to continue exploring innovative ways to deliver our expertise to all relevant industries.

Clearly Defined Research Objectives

At Rocky Mountain Laboratories, we place great importance on understanding your business. By learning about your business and its objectives before we begin testing, we are able to customize our research efforts to help you find the answers you need. But, if we find that we are not the best resource for your project, we will refer you to a more appropriate firm via our professional materials network. Though it demands extra time, it is this effort on the front end of each project, that has allowed us tremendous success with materials and processes, and has satisfied our clients for twenty five years.

For projects involving surfaces, thin films, or interfaces, we provide the reliable chemical analyses you need to take the speculation out of product development.

Thoughtful and Efficient Laboratory Research

lab research

Clearly focused on your objectives and using highly specialized equipment, Rocky Mountain Laboratories’ scientists and engineers skillfully work to generate reliable and appropriate project data. If possible, we will even modify or install new equipment to ensure that your project is a success. Whether your product will be used in biomedical, electronics, information storage, aerospace, packaging, medical device, pharmaceutical, photovoltaic, or other applications, we have the expertise you can rely on. We have set the highest standards for accuracy in testing and reporting. From materials research to failure analysis and quality assurance testing, we can help bring your products on-line, improve your yields and keep your products competitive for years to come.

The independent laboratory serves two primary functions. First, it generates and collects reliable, meaningful data. Secondly, it interprets that data in light of the client’s needs. Rocky Mountain Laboratories excels at both.

Comprehensive Reporting


By combining years of experience with an extensive network of resources, on-line research references and open communication with our clients, we can offer the most comprehensive reporting available. Written in an easy-to-read style, our reports include:

  • Full-color originals of all data generated
  • Drawings and graphs to clarify findings
  • Summaries of quantitative analysis
  • Interpretation of data and discussion of results
  • Suggestions for materials development proposed solutions to existing problems
  • Reports are delivered electronically in PDF Format with hard copies upon request

Because we are a specialized lab working primarily with longtime clients, we are able to provide not only thorough reports, but also the fastest turnaround times in the field. In fact, our standards for reporting consistently set the pace for other laboratories to follow.

As an industrial service laboratory specializing in the chemical analysis of materials, we provide clarity, direction and momentum to your product development and failure analysis projects.

Ongoing Support

One of the most valuable services we offer is support — long after we have completed initial reporting. Ongoing support includes failure analysis testing and quality assurance programs, as well as our professional network, product resources and process expertise. Also we are always available for discussion of your reports, at no cost to you. Referring to Rocky Mountain Laboratories for continued support can save money and improve your competitive position by reducing waste and avoiding the cost of field failures.

Areas We Service:

We accept samples from across the world.  Please contact us if you are looking for our services.

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