Privacy Statement

Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Inc. maintains a mail list of our business contacts. This list may contain your name, phone and FAX numbers, addresses, and other information which we feel that we need in order to provide excellent service and to conduct normal business. We do not make this information available to anyone outside of our Company.

Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Inc. treats and protects all client information, including reports, notes, data, correspondence, purchasing information, and specimens with the same procedures and facilities with which we protect our own confidential information.

Clients requesting e-mail delivery of their Reports assume all risks and liabilities associated with transmitting information over the internet.

Samples which have not been claimed within 30 days of delivery of our Report are disposed of at our discretion.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns or would like to talk to a representative of our company about privacy issues, please call us at (303) 526-9449 and ask to speak to the President of the Company.